Saku Yanagawa is a Japanese comedian based in Chicago. Internationally he’s performed in over 10 countries and across the US at notable venues including Laugh Factory, Second City, Zanies, The Comedy Bar, and The Comedy Store.
 In Japan, he has appeared many TV shows and radio shows and hosted his own comedy show called “Saku’s Comedy Night”, which he wrote, directed, and performed. In 2017 Saku took the show on a nationwide tour and achieved his goal of performing at every English comedy club in Japan.
 Later that year Saku conducted an African tour and performed as a headliner at The Kigali International Comedy Festival in Rwanda. He also appeared on the “Churchill Show”, one of the biggest comedy TV shows in Africa. In 2018 he performed at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe and did a full European tour which included Germany and England. In the same year, he competed at the 39th Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition and Palm Springs International Comedy Competition as a representative of Japan.
 Saku performed at The Second City and NBC’s “Break Out Comedy Festival’” and for “StandUp NBC “ both in 2019. He also performed at ‘Fuji Rock Festival 2019’, Japan’s biggest music festival, as the very first standup comedian to do so. He did a solo show at world-famous Billboard Tokyo during his Japan tour. In 2021 he got selected "Forbes 30 Under 30" as a comedian.
 Saku aims to be the first Japanese cast member on Saturday Night Live.


 アメリカ・シカゴを拠点に活動するスタンダップコメディアン。これまで10カ国以上で公演を果たす。シカゴではLaugh FactoryやZaniesなどの有名クラブに出演しながら、世界的コメディグループThe Second Cityでインプロ(即興劇)のショーにも出演。
 2018年にはワールドツアーを行いケニアではアフリカ最大のTVショーに出演を果たす。イギリス・スコットランドにて開催されている世界最大のアートフェス、エディンバラ・フェスティバル・フリンジにも出演したほか、シアトルで開催された国際コメディ大会に日本代表として出場し入賞を果たす。2019NBCの主催するBreak Out Comedy Festivalに日本人として初出演。
 国内ではTVやラジオに多数出演。また自身の脚本・演出・主演を務めるコメディショー”Saku’s Comedy Night”を定期上演し、2018年には全国ツアーを行った。スタンダップコメディの公演も精力的に行い、史上初となる国内すべての英語コメディクラブで公演を達成したほか、ビルボードでの単独公演を行った。2019年はスタンダップコメディアンとしては初のフジロックフェスティバルに出演し、歴代最多となる22ステージの公演記録を樹立した。"Japan's Comedian of The Year"2017年、2018年連続受賞。
 アメリカの今を伝えるPodcast、”Saku’s Radio from Chicago”配信し、日刊サイゾーではコラムも連載。2021年フォーブス誌の選ぶ『世界を変える30歳以下の30人』に選出。著書『Get Up Stand Up たたかうために立ち上がれ』発売中。


[ Notable Comedy Clubs & Colleges ]
Laugh Factory Chicago (IL, USA)
Up Comedy Club; The Second City(IL, USA)
Zanies Old Town (IL, USA)
Zanies Rosemont (IL, USA)
The Comedy Bar (IL, USA)
The iO Theater (IL, USA)
The House of Blues (IL, USA)

The Comedy Store (CA, USA)
The Comedy Store La Jolla (CA, USA)
Flappers Comedy Club Burbank (CA, USA)
Comedy Heights (CA, USA)
Broadway Comedy Club (NY, USA)
Caveat (NY, USA)
The Comedy Studio (MA, USA)
Bill’s Bar (MA,USA)
Comedy Underground (WA, USA)
Unexpected Productions (WA, USA)
Rick Bronson's House of Comedy (MI, USA)
Laughing Tap (WI, USA)

Angel Comedy Club (London, UK)
Cabaret Voltaire (Edinburgh, UK)
Cosmic Comedy (Berlin, Germany)
Comedy Haven (Seoul, Korea)
Ha Ha Hole (Busan, Korea)
Ulsan Comedy Club (Ulsan, Korea)
Theater La Bonita (Kampala, Uganda)
Carnivore (Nairobi, Kenya)
Comedy Knight Club (Kigali, Rwanda)

Billboard Japan (Tokyo, Japan)
Stand Up Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)
ROR Comedy Club (Osaka, Japan)
Maple Hall (Osaka, Japan)

Texas A&M University (Texas, USA)
Osaka University (Osaka, Japan)

[ Festivals & Competitions ]
Milwaukee Comedy Festival (Milwaukee, 2020)
Burbank Comedy Festival (Burbank, 2020)
Oak City Comedy Festival (Raleigh, 2020)
Palm Springs International Comedy Festival (Palm Springs, 2020)
Kenan Thompson's Ultimate Comedy Experience (Atlanta, 2020)
North Carolina Comedy Festival (Greensboro, 2020)
Floodwater Comedy Festival (Iowa City, 2020)

Boston Comedy Festival (Boston, 2019)
Fuji Rock Festival (Niigata, Japan, 2019)
Japan Festival Chicago 2019 (Chicago, IL, 2019)
NBC StandUp (Chicago, 2019)
The Second City & NBC's Break Out Comedy Festival 2019 (Chicago, 2019)

Palm Springs International Comedy Festival (Palm Springs, 2018)
39th Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition (Seattle, 2018)
Asagiri Jam (Yamanashi, Japan, 2018)
Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Edinburgh, Scotland, 2018)
Magners International Comedy Competition (Tokyo, Japan, 2018)

Kigali International Comedy Festival (Kigali, Rwanda, 2017)

[ Awards ]
Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 2021
Japan’s Comedian of The Year 2018
Japan’s Comedian of The Year 2017
Tokyo’s Rising Star Award 2018

[ Theaters & Improvs ]
“SAKU YANAGAWA SHOW” (written/directed/ starred)
(Chicago 2019~)
“Saku’s Comedy Night” (written/directed/starred)
(Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Fujisawa 2015~2018 )

“People In The Wind” (dir: Satoshi Nikaido) as a Bus Driver (Tokyo, Japan)
“Der Jasagar” (dir: Akira Ichikawa) as a Singer (Augsburg, Germany)
“Yes Man” (dir: Akira Ichikawa) as a Singer (Osaka, Japan)

[ Films ]
“Human Rights Samurai” (written/directed/starred) 2017

[ TV ]
"King of Comedy" NHK (Japan, 2020)
"Tomohiro Machiyama's Getting To Know America's Now TV in Association with CNN" BS Asahi, CNN (Japan, 2019/2020)
"Tokudane" Fuji TV (Japan, 2020)
“Paul Hollywood’s Eats Japan”  Channel 4 (UK, 2020)
“CAN TV’s LOL” CAN TV (Chicago, 2018)
“Churchill Show” NTV Kenya (Kenya, 2017)
“News Watch 9”  NHK (Japan, 2016)
“Yugata News Wonder” Kansai Television (Japan, 2016)

[ Podcast / Radio ]
"After 6 Junction" (TBS, Japan 2019-)
"Dream Heart" (FM Tokyo 2021)
"Good Neighbors" (J-WAVE 2021)
"Lovely Day" (FM YOKOHAMA 2021)
"Gold Rush" (J-WAVE, Japan 2020)
"SEASONS" (J-WAVE, Japan 2020)
"Golden Pass" (J-WAVE, Japan, 2020)
“Saku’s Radio from Chicago” (written / directed / starred 2019-)
“Tamamusubi” (TBS, Japan 2019)
"Saku Yanagawa Time for Standup" (JFN Park, Japan 2019)
"Music Garage Room 101" (bayfm, Japan 2019)
"THE TRAD" (Tokyo FM, Japan 2019)

[ Education / Training ]
Osaka University  2012-2016: Theater and Music
United Performers Studio (Yoko Narahashi)  2016-2017: Method Acting

[ Writing ]
“Saku’s Radio from Chicago” 2019-
“Saku’s Comedy Night”  2015-
“Human Rights Samurai” 2017